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From 1st to
October 15th

From Oct. 20th
to Nov. 15th

From April 1st
to May 30th

White or golden onion, according to recollection date. Smooth to the taste and excellent for cooking, whereby it's very appreciated for the national market. Apt for export at the optimum date of harvest.
babosa From 15th to October 30th November

From May 1st
to June 30th

Similar to the Spring in colour and taste but its shape is an inverted cone. As the former, it is well accepted in the markets, being recollected on the dates indicated.
liria From 1st to
Nov. 15th

From Dec. 20th
to January 30th

Fro June 10th
to July 15th

Very sweet and a little spicey, for which it is highly valued in the kitchen, specially for being consumed raw. It has a spherical shape, slightly oval and yellow in colour. Its acceptance in the market is combined with Medium Grain.
medio-grano From Nov. 15th
to Dec. 30th

From February 1st
to March 15th

Double Onion. Harder and spicier than the former. It's very good for exportation and bears the seasonal temperatures better. Whitish in appearance at the beginning of its harvest but takes colour with time.
grano From Jan. 15th to March 15th

From March 20th
to May 15th.

From July 15th
to October 30th

The Queen of the varieties of long day. Almost spheric, golden or reddish according to subvarieties. High culinary value and excellent for manipulation and distribution to all markets. Stored in a dry atmosphere and ventilated, it's commercialized until the month of April.