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Traditional Cultivation of the Spanish Onion

The onion flower, consisting of a great many small capsules containing black angular seeds flat in shape and with a folded layer. These flowers are obtained from onions especially selected for their colour, shape and consistency, of the “Grano” variety, which is the one most extensively planted in early March.

The tiny seeds from the onion flower are sown from early December onwards in a nursery and after 90 days become small bulbs or plants, which are transplanted to the fields from early April. From one kilogram of onion sufficient bulbs are obtained to plant around half a hectare.

After 90 or 100 days the small plants become lovely “Grano” onions. These are carefully picked and left lying on the ground for two or three days so that the air and sun of our great climate can dry and air them, this being when they take on their wonderful characteristic colour.

This is the result of the great efforts starting in December the previous year. From the end of the month of July to the month of September, after the harvest is over, these are taken to large warehouses where they are kept in proper conditions. In spite of the “Grano” starting to be exported in the month of July, this variety has such outstanding preservation qualities that they can be exported and sold until the month of April the following year.