A biochemical analysis of the onion reveals a surprising wealth of vitamins and products that are vital for nutrition, making it a extraordinary source of richness. Nevertheless, we will restrict ourselves to the most important and interesting substances from the standpoint of health. We will use statistics taken from research done by the Cajal Institute.

First we should mention the protids and lipids, sugars and cellulose, and then come vitamins A, B and C. Their calcium, phosphoric acid, iron and iodine content is also high. We can thus see that the onion has many properties of incalculable value for health and nutrition. Lastly it is of interest to see that for every 100 grams of onion this contains only roughly 20 calories.

As said above, we are talking only of the chemical and biological components of the onion. We will start by considering its great nutritive value. Every day we have to eat substances that maintain an organic and calorific balance. There are three of these elements: carbohydrates, proteins and lipids, and as shown above, the onion has all three of these substances.

To complete the nutritional programme it is also essential to have an intake of vitamins and mineral salts which act in small amounts and are absolutely vital for stimulating growth. We have also shown that the onion is rich in both these components.

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